What readers & reviewers are saying about A Rural Revolution


* What readers and reviewers are saying about A Rural Revolution

* Enjoyable, informative and provocative (British Association for Local History)

* All life – and death – is here in this colourful family exploration of how the shifting rural landscape affected our ancestors as much as the industrialisation of the nation’s towns and cities. (Family Tree magazine)

* Your book is a real delight. The fact that you trace the family fortunes in the context of the evolution in society as a whole is utterly fascinating… Thank you for such a well-written and well-researched book. (Reader’s letter)

* This highly readable book investigates the lives of one rural family to illustrate the radical impact of the industrial revolution on local communities… (Landworker magazine)

* …very interesting and unique social history book (Reader’s post)

* I enjoyed reading this interesting book… (Reader’s post)

* It is a fascinating book which brings the impact of social change on ordinary people to life. (Reader’s post)

* Really enjoyed this book – a fascinating piece of social history. (Reader’s post)

* …well written (Towpath Talk)

* An excellent read.  (Reader’s post)

* Brilliant read and well written.  (Reader’s post)

* Excellent book.  (Reader’s post)

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